To Our Astronomers

As the sun begins to fade and fall into the earth, the sheets of night drape over our heads, the moon is given birth.

The stars are now appearing and sparkling in the night, the light of day has disappeared and the moon is glowing white.

Awaken all you astronomers the curious type of folk, to dance into the darkness and glare into your telescopes.

Oh dear brave Astronomer who fears not the black of night, studying celestial bodies, working but only in starlight.

Out come your apparatus, gadgets and gizmo device, taking measurements with your contraptions, making sure everything is precise.

Advancing in the darkness, knowing the sun will rise in perfect light;

You love the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.

Show us what motivates you to look up, tell us what makes you ask why, give us pictures of the reasons you’re drawn to study our night skies?

The cosmos is your office, the sky your laboratory, the telescope your toolkit, observing the universe tell its story.

Mysterious worlds are unlocked, through the aperture in your eyepiece, nebulas, black holes and galaxies, an artist’s masterpiece.

Monitoring the planets like Mercury and Mars, examining the galaxies and mapping all the stars.

Spending most of your time away from earth and beyond our atmosphere, while the rest of us are static and fixed, with thoughts firmly planted here.

If we all thought like the Astronomer and studied our night skies, if we only took more time to look up, we would ask ourselves what, how and why.

~Josh Berman~

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