I’ve found that first-time views of Saturn through a telescope typically elicit gasps of delight followed by inquisitive questioning.

Saturn’s startling beauty can open the door to wonders and knowledge about the universe that can inspire a love and appreciation of all the arts, sciences, and history.

Understanding something of the vastness and nature of the universe, and our unique position as the only species possessing such knowledge, suggests we commit to fostering the best in us: love, kindness, respect for learning, and for all the amazing life-forms we’re so fortunate to share on this wonderful planet.

So let’s use Saturn as a means to enrich our future and help preserve our earthly paradise.

Spread the word to change Saturday to Saturnday through all media, contacts, and in every social venue to start dialogues that can open the minds and hearts of our earthling friends. Caring for our precious planet and it’s lucky inhabitants will make future generations proud of our time here.

Saturnday can change the world with your help!

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