Starfest – Central Park – September 22, 2018

Screenshot from video. Credit: Preston Stahly

At Autumn Starfest 2018, Preston Stahly unveiled a new cinematic reel of images, “Starfest – Central Park – September 22, 2018 ” taken by AAA Astrophotographers. One can’t help but feel inspired by the combination of spectacular images curated by Stan Honda and Bhaswan Kurra coupled with Preston’s gripping soundtrack.

The eight and half minute video has multiple sections which show locations around the city and the people behind the photos. Other sections show how they witness astronomy and craft image or moving picture to reveal the solar system and objects more distant. Landscape images with sweeping views of the sky above show us what is before us, all we need to do is look up.

I hope you enjoy the reel and feel inspired to take snapshots of your own and share them in Eyepiece.

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