Member Highlight: Giselle Pemberton

This month, we would like to highlight AAA Recording Secretary and member, Giselle Pemberton!

Name: Giselle Pemberton

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY

How did you get involved in AAA? I was attending NEAF a few years ago and met Stan Honda at the AAA booth. I started attending public events, then I joined.

When did you become interested in astronomy?Years ago, while home in Trinidad, I went to watch turtles on a beach. It just so happened it was a New Moon night and I could clearly see the Milky Way streak across the sky. From that point on I was hooked.

When was the first time you looked through a telescope and what did you observe?The Moon was the first thing I saw through a telescope.

What is your favorite observable object from NYC? Your favorite observable object outside of NYC? Saturn is my favorite object to see from NYC. The Milky Way and the Orion Nebula are my favorites in dark sky locations.

Do you have any equipment, and if so, what kind? I have a Celestron 127 SLT telescope that I use for AAA sidewalk astronomy events.

If you could have any equipment in the world, what would it be? A camera to take photos of deep sky objects.

What astronomical experience/event sticks out in your head the most? Most recently, I got to see the Annular Solar Eclipse of June 2021, and it was an amazing experience.

Are there any astronomy-related pieces of media that you’d like to recommend? Turn Right at Orion. It is a great book by Mitchell C. Begelman that helps you to learn the night sky.


Any other hobbies you’d like to share? Photography, Snowboarding, Baking, and Camping.