Member Highlight: Steven Bellavia

This month, we would like to highlight Steven Bellavia, active member of AAA’s Astrophotography Group! You can find Steven’s work here.

Name:Steven Bellavia

Hometown: Mattituck, NY

How did you get involved in AAA? Through AAA’s other astrophotographers, Stan Honda and Gowri.

When did you become interested in astronomy? Around age 9.

When was the first time you looked through a telescope and what did you observe? Age 10. Saturn.

The Veil Nebula, Steven Bellavia

What is your favorite observable object from NYC? Your favorite observable object outside of NYC? From NYC: Saturn. Outside NYC: The Ring Nebula, M57.

Do you have any equipment, and if so, what kind? I have too much equipment!

If you could have any equipment in the world, what would it be? An observatory on a desert mountain.

What astronomical experience/event sticks out in your head the most? Solar Eclipse 2017.

Are there any astronomy-related pieces of media that you’d like to recommend? Turn Left at Orion (Davis, Consolmagno); 365 Starry Nights (Chet Raymo)

Any other hobbies you’d like to share? Sailing!