Calendric Quagmire (III)!  Upcoming Blue Moon and the Dog Days of Summer

Aug 30 2023: 2nd Full Moon in a month is a calendric Blue Moon giving 2023 13 Full Moons this calendar Year. Maybe with all this smoke in the air we just might see an actual Blue Moon. See also:

Aug. 10th Sunrise 6:01 am EDT & 8:01 pm EDT – 14 hours of full daylight at this latitude. There goes the summer.

Sirius and the Dog Days of Summer:

Aug. 1st. Happy Lammas day, a Scottish holiday and this generally means it is the midpoint of summer (cross-Quarter date); so you should see a quick shortening of days to follow. At about the same time as the mid-point of Summer is the Heliacal Rising of the Star Sirius around August 6th.

As Sirius is the brightest star in the nighttime sky, the ancient astronomers/astrologers believed that the rising of Sirius in the daytime sky added to the heat from the Sun, making Summer days even hotter, hence the Dog Days of Summer as Sirius is nicknamed “The Dog Star” for residing in the Constellation Canis Major.  Although Sirius is much bigger and hotter than our Sun (1.93 solar diameters), its 8.6 light-year distance is much too distant to provide any appreciable heat to our planet.