My First Adventure with an Annular Eclipse

My interest in astrophotography started growing under the influence of my very talented husband who has been doing this for a while. I am very new to the field of astrophotography and the Annular Solar Eclipse on October 14, 2023 was my first experience of taking eclipse pictures hands-on and editing them. I used a Canon 6D Mark II, at 560 mm focal length. 

My husband introduced me to Stan Honda and I recently took Stan’s class. That opened a whole new world to me.   This October 13th, we flew to Phoenix and then drove all the way to Monument Valley to experience the Annular Solar Eclipse.   Here is the ring beginning.

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By the time we planned this entire trip, we knew that the park access will be closed during the eclipse for the Navajo belief.  Here is the full ring.


Even though we planned to reach during the daylight, we finally reached there around 10pm, 11 hours prior to the eclipse. At that time, we still did not know where we would be going to capture the entire event. The hotel could not help us either. So we took help from the last option we had – “Photo Ephemeris”. Rajat found out that there is a spot on the highway 163, which is facing east, without any obstacle and can see a couple of buttes from there.  So we reached there around 5 am, before sunrise and started setting up our equipment alongside some other enthusiasts who were there too with their telescopes, cameras and with all their experiences.   The wonder of nature prevailed!