Message from the President

Last night we hosted a presentation in which we unveiled the club’s new Remote Telescope offering.  We had a great turnout, but in case you missed it, we also uploaded it to youtube.  You can find it on our channel by searching ““.  One of the exciting aspects of this new program will be our monthly night sky tours wherein we will tune in to the remote telescope in Texas and explore the cosmos in real-time!  We are planning on bringing the first of these monthly “Sky Tours” in January, so stay tuned as we finalize the exact day. 


Meanwhile, the club is actively delivering a lot of content.  For example we have (1) current classes like Planetary Imaging, (2) Astro News Hour, (3) a free preview class on Atoms and Astronomy on December 19th (see our “Classes” page on the website),  (4) an exciting lecture on December 1st at Columbia University for those who want an in-person event, and (5) our monthly Zoom lecture on December 12th (see “Lectures”).  Finally we have four observing locations this month across the city (see “Observe”).


As we approach the end of the year, I want to thank all of our members, particularly our many hardworking volunteers who selflessly contribute so much of their time and energy to making this club work.  Thank you everyone, happy holidays and clear skies to all!