Happy 2024 – What year is it on other planets?

As we celebrate the new year (2024) on Earth, did you wonder what year it is on other planets? Let’s look at how many years passed on each planet according to its own orbit – or how many times it has completed an orbit around the sun in the past 2024 Earth years. The calculations assume that with all the calendar adjustments throughout history, Earth completed 2024 full solar orbit periods, each of 365.256 days, on January 1st, 2024.

The passage of time on other planets

For example, as we completed 2024 Earth years, Venus completed over 8403 years, while Jupiter completed around 170 years. On the other hand, dwarf Pluto has completed only 8.16 orbits around the Sun in the past 2024 years. The comparison chart gives a new perspective on our solar system expanse.