Table of Contents for the March 2024 Edition

Table of Contents for March 2024 Eyepiece

  1. President’s Message: The first 21st Century Odyssey to the Moon by Alfredo Viegas 
    “Did Odysseus land on ice?”

  2. What’s Up in the Sky? AAA Observers’ March Guide by Tony Faddoul

  3. Events on the Horizon March 2024
    “Join us on April 8, 2024 along with Pioneer Works, Green-Wood Cemetery and the Simons Foundation for a party of the ages!”

  4. Astronomical League: March 2024 Sky Charts
    “As members of the Astronomical League, the AAA is offered monthly star maps in both English and Spanish. Feel free to save these images and use them while stargazing!”

  5. March’s Night Sky Notes: Constant Companions: Circumpolar Constellations, Part II by Kat Troche

  6. The Gateway Remote Telescope by Stan Honda
    “The latest update on AAA’s Texas rig.”


  7. Recalling the 2017 Solar Eclipse in Carbondale, IL by Samir Patel
    “A family’s unforgettable journey to observe and photograph a celestial wonder.”


  8. High-Resolution Wide-Field image of Orion by Steven Bellavia
    “This technology reveals a wealth of nebulae and star clusters.”