AAA Official 2024 Eclipse Watch Party with Partners Pioneer Works and Green-Wood Cemetery

Where will you be on April 8th?

For those staying local, mark your calendars for a multi-activity celestial celebration at a landmark site, the historic Green-wood Cemetery in Brooklyn. 

On that day, while most of the country will see varying degrees of a partial solar eclipse, areas along the path of totality will experience a full solar eclipse. The New York City area will be treated to a 90% partial eclipse which will be quite a dramatic and awe-inspiring event. 

The last total solar eclipse that ran through the US was in August of 2017. In our area it was a 77% partial eclipse. I opted to stay in Brooklyn to support a huge viewing event that took place in Red Hook with one of our partner organizations, Pioneer Works. I don’t think anyone was really prepared for the turnout of several thousand people who waited in long lines to see the event through AAA telescopes. It was quite a thrilling experience to see so much enthusiasm for this amazing spectacle. 

This time I’m not going miss the last total solar eclipse in the US until 2044, so I will be traveling to Texas for the big show. While many AAA observers will be doing the same, a few who are staying behind will be supporting the free viewing party at Green-Wood. There will be ongoing activities throughout the day, and thousands of solar glasses will be handed out to visitors while supplies last. If you would like to get in on the action either as an AAA observer with a solar filter equipped telescope, or as a general volunteer, please contact either [email protected], or [email protected] before March 31!

Event Details: Solar Eclipse 2024
Monday April 8th – 1:30-5pm

Location: Green-wood Cemetery, (Meadow at main entrance)
500 25th Street, (at 5th Avenue)

Easy subway: R train to 25th Street and 4th Avenue

Parking will be provided for those bringing a telescope!