Editorial Notes

This issue presents a new monthly Eyepiece Feature, Astral Insights, by Robert Marx who teaches physics and astronomy at the college level.  It’s always enjoyable and stimulating talking to Bob, and we are lucky that he will be keeping us abreast of the latest news in astronomy.  This issue also displays five paintings of solar eclipses in a fascinating article by Bart Fried, AAA’s Vice President.  The rendering of skilled artists is a new way of experiencing this dramatic phenomenon.  Our President, Alfredo Viegas, notes that the next solar eclipse to touch North America will be March 30, 2033, which must be viewed from Alaska, weather permitting.  The last solar eclipse viewed from New York was 99 years ago and the next one will be in 2070!  Finally let us thank Kat Troche, Tony Faddoul, and Dennis Kendrick for their monthly contributions to our newsletter.