2019 Annual Meeting

The 2019 Annual Meeting was held on May 15 at The Tailor Public House in Manhattan. We had a good crowd of over 70 members who dined and drank in our private room. A video of club activities and events produced by Preston Stahly made its World Premiere and played on the large screens (you can see it at aaa.org or the AAA Astrophotography YouTube channel).

President Peter Tagatac welcomed everyone and the evening’s business (as required as we are a not-for-profit group) was chaired by Vice-President Irene Pease. Awards to outstanding members were handed out and many raffle prizes were given away.

Thanks to the Social Committee for the planning and to David Francis for the photos. And thanks to the raffle gift donors: AAA, Gary Young, Mary Alford, Tailor Public House and Stan Honda.

Member Awards given out:

  • Alma Muniz – Rookie of The Year (for many contributions by a new member)
  • Preston Stahly – AAA Oscar (for his amazing videos)
  • Joe Di Napoli and  Steve Caldaruso – Better Than Seamless (for their Sunday NEAF lunches)
  • Gowrishankar L – Astronotator (for best annotating of astrophotos)
  • Giselle Pemberton – Have ‘Scope Will Travel (for ability to travel anywhere at anytime)
  • Omri Elisha – AAAAAA (AAA’s Anthropological Advisor Award, keenly interested in astronomy from a cultural perspective)
  • Peter Lipschutz – The Universe is Better in 3D

Raffle winners:

  • Mark Dallmeyer- 3D printed Curiosity Rover
  • Ron Dzurilla- Apollo Saturn V scale model
  • Ely Duenas- AAA t-shirt
  • Thomas Haeberle- 3D printed rocket-theme chess set
  • Lorraine Congiusta- “Love Me To The Moon” pillowcase
  • David Francis- 3D printed moon bracelet
  • Michael Towers- AAA t-shirt
  • Cary Horwitz- 3D printed moon bracelet
  • Francis Chan- space-themed necklace
  • Amy Wagner- Tailor Public House $50 gift certificate
  • David Kiefer- AAA t-shirt