AAA Photographers Published in Astronomy Magazine

In a conjunction of artistic abilities, two AAA members of the Astrophotography group have images in the July 2019 issue of Astronomy Magazine. Gowrishankar L. and Chirag (The Doctor) Upreti grace pages 94 and 96.

Gowri put it best in an email to the group: “I’m little excited to have made it to Astronomy Magazine’s reader’s gallery. I think it’s a pleasant serendipity since this is a special edition to commemorate 50th year anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing mission & they featured my total lunar composite wide angle shot with my friends in Los Angeles.

“Chirag, now a regular featured member has also got his Milky Way pic featured and am very happy for him since he’s the one who inspired me to apply after the total lunar eclipse.”

Check out Gowri, Chirag and other Astrophotography group members on Instagram @aaany_astrophotography . Congratulations to both!

To submit a photo to the reader’s gallery, send an email to [email protected], which is reviewed by the photo editors. More about the guidelines: