The Latest from the Gateway Remote Telescope

We’re into the first month of operation for the AAA Gateway Remote Telescope and both telescopes are running well.  For example, see above Messier 33, the Triangulum Galaxy, taken by Alfredo Viegas.  Some early problems were fixed and the Telescope Operators are collecting and downloading high quality files now. We had a successful public Zoom lecture/demonstration about the GRT on Nov. 28.

Flaming star nebula by Gabriela Levit & Alfredo Viegas

We plan to have a free public lecture on Zoom and livestream view through the telescope during the week of Jan. 8. We’ll see what is in the west Texas sky that night. Stay tuned for more information.

Fireworks galaxy by Alfredo Viegas

There is a new Gallery page in the Gateway menu on, check out the various deep sky objects that were photographed.

Jelly Fish Nebula by Andrew Warner

We’ll be introducing data from a third telescope that will be available to GRT participants in the three paying tiers. John Kasianowicz has a high end and rare Ceravolo telescope at the Dark Sky Observatory in Ft. Davis. He is allowing us to share some of the data files from that telescope with two other groups and some of the images are quite remarkable.

If you are not already a GRT participant, check out the Gateway page and the tiers available. And see you in January at our free public lecture.