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AAA President Message – June

Hi AAA’ers, Throughout May our outdoor activities suffered due to poor weather conditions, but we remain hopeful that June will be filled with many more

AAA President Message – May

Dear Members, In the annual cycle for AAA, we’ve come to the end of our year. We actually have two new years: the fiscal year begins

AAA President Message – April

Dear Members, As our club continues in its traditions and mission—approaching 91 years—we see ourselves adapting to a changing environment. It is a natural process.

AAA President Message – March

Hello AAA Members, Standing on the sidewalk, I can see Spring’s doorstep. The temperatures are warming, Leo and Cancer rise not long past sunset. As

AAA President Message – February

Hello fellow AAA’ers, We’re off to a good start this year: a fantastic social early last month, a popular lecture by NASA Jerry Bonnell with

AAA President Message – February

Dear Members, I hope you were able to attend the Annual Holiday Party. A great time spent mingling with new members and catching up with

AAA President Message – January

Dear Members, Welcome to the New Year. I hope you enjoyed your holidays with friends, family, and free time to reflect on the past year

State of Eyepiece

Eyepiece, the newsletter for and about our club, will discontinue its print and PDF versions and be replaced by a web-based publication. The current schedule

AAA President Message – December

Dear Members, Seasons Greetings. It’s the time of year-end festivities where many of us reflect and celebrate on the past year, readying to ring in