Category: Message from the President

AAA President Message – November

  Welcome Members, A lovely change we experience as mid-Atlantic inhabitants. During fall, the colors yellow, orange, red, purple, brown and green paint the trees

AAA President Message – October

Greetings Everyone, Since last month it feels like we have entered a new phase. One can feel the change in the city’s tempo. This past

AAA President Message – September

Welcome back, AAA’ers. I hope your summer has been fantastic so far with some downtime and recreation. Nearing the end of a season, we’re not

AAA President Message – August

Dear Members, It’s already August, can you believe it? Time flies when you’re having a good time. All our public stargazing events are in full

AAA President Message – July

Greetings Amateur Astronomers! June was an active month despite some cloudy nights for our public observing events. A shout out to Rori Baldari. She played

AAA President Message – June

Hi AAA’ers, Throughout May our outdoor activities suffered due to poor weather conditions, but we remain hopeful that June will be filled with many more

AAA President Message – May

Dear Members, In the annual cycle for AAA, we’ve come to the end of our year. We actually have two new years: the fiscal year begins

AAA President Message – April

Dear Members, As our club continues in its traditions and mission—approaching 91 years—we see ourselves adapting to a changing environment. It is a natural process.

AAA President Message – March

Hello AAA Members, Standing on the sidewalk, I can see Spring’s doorstep. The temperatures are warming, Leo and Cancer rise not long past sunset. As