What’s Up in the April Sky

April’s Evening Planets Bright Venus will be up between Pisces the fish and Taurus the Bull until around 9 PM. Jupiter will be in Libra the

What is a Pioneer Works?

If you happen to scroll through the list of observing locations on the AAA website, you might happen to notice that we regularly observe at

A Game Changer

“Wow! Is that it?” On the evening of February 5, we squinted at launch pad 39A some 11 miles away brightly lit against the pitch-blackness

AAA President Message – March

Hello AAA Members, Standing on the sidewalk, I can see Spring’s doorstep. The temperatures are warming, Leo and Cancer rise not long past sunset. As

AAA Events on the Horizon

Mark the following dates in your calendar for these AAA events beginning in March. March dates of upcoming AAA events Mark the following dates in

Hunting the Falcon Heavy

When I saw the liftoff of the SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket from Kennedy Space Center, it was brighter than I expected. We saw the rocket


The nature of dark matter remains one of the most important unresolved issues in astrophysics. This mysterious and unseen substance comprises almost 80% of matter