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I’ve found that first-time views of Saturn through a telescope typically elicit gasps of delight followed by inquisitive questioning. Saturn’s startling beauty can open the

Clocks of the Universe with Mihir Kulkarni

What is today’s date?  Well, depending on which calendar you use, that could be an interesting discussion.  On Friday evening, September 21, 2018—based on the

How to Mess with the Mind of a City Boy

I’m trash.  I’m filth.  I’m no good for you.  I have to confess that I cheated on you by joining the Mid-Hudson Astronomical Association (MHAA).  Even worse, I’ve been

Arcturus: My School Year Hourglass

As summer comes to an end I look forward to a change in the weather, football season, hockey season, and seeing who will reign as

The Carrington Affair!

The birth of Richard Christopher Carrington took place on May 26, 1826. He was an English astronomer, who was crowned by his peers as the

Talking to a Climate Change Denier

If you’re reading this article, then you are either a member of the Amateur Astronomers Association of NY or are at least a science enthusiast.

To Our Astronomers

As the sun begins to fade and fall into the earth, the sheets of night drape over our heads, the moon is given birth. The

The Order of the Dolphin

  R* x    The average rate of stars in order; fp   x   Revolving planets within their border; ne  x    Planets distance paradisiacal, a zone of